Tony Altermatt

Owner, Agent

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About Tony Altermatt

As Tony's broker, you can expect top notch experience and knowledge of complexes, HOA/rental, information and single family residence pros and cons.  Lean on him for the best inspectors, the best in lending advice, rental agencies and repair people.   As the Managing Supervisor of NextHome on the Coast he is known around the office as the guy whose favorite quote is "piece of cake" during any kind of situation.   Prior military, prior law enforcement, log home construction and even a current priest all come together to enhance your real estate experience.  All of these add up to one outstanding real estate agent!   Formerly a Minnesota resident, Tony brought his lovely wife Stephanie and their four children,  taking advantage of lovely tropical area of South Texas. I can assure a real estate experience exemplifying the treatment of #HumansOverHouses when dealing with Tony Altermatt. 

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